Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I'm drinking tonight

This blog is taking its sweet time getting off the ground, that's for sure. I bought four bottles of wine last weekend and had every intention of photographing each one and posting its photo along with a lengthy description, but it hasn't quite panned out that way.

It, will, dammit! Just not tonight. I don't feel like getting the camera out and loading the photos and editing them and all that. So I'll just tell you what I'm drinking and you can use the internets and your imagination to fill in whatever blanks remain.

And by you, of course, I mean me.

I started the night with a glass of Twin Fin pinot noir (somehow three of the four bottles I bought last weekend ended up being pinot noir, even though I set out to specifically get a cabernet; the other is a chardonnay, which I'm saving for daytime drinking).

Twin Fin is a screw-top wine, real cheap-looking, and it runs for about $10 a bottle.

I'm going to take a stab at describing its taste, even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about (and I'm kinda getting a headchange because I'm on my second glass, though of a different kind). I have had Twin Fin pinot noir before, back when I was burning through a couple of bottles a week in search of my favorites. I recall enjoying it, which was my experience this time around, too.

When I first took a swig (I don't sip, darlings, I don't sip), it instantly made me smile because it's full-bodied and very rich, almost meaty or nutty. The website says there are strong cherry and strawberry and plum notes, but I can only vouch for the cherry. And maybe the plum. I don't taste strawberry, and to be honest, I've never eaten a plum. But I can totally see how you could say it was plummy, though that's not the first thing that came to my mind.

The glass went too quickly (as do they all), and it was the last bit in the bottle, so I shelved it on my dead wine shelf (I'll write more about that some day and maybe post a photo) and set my eye on the only other open bottle in the apartment: The Pinot Evil.

I'll be honest — I bought this wine based on its cute name and label. People as ignorant as I am tend to browse the aisles of wine and pick things based on their prices and the design of their labels, and putting monkeys on your label is a guaranteed way to get schleps like me to buy your mediocre wine. Pinot Evil, hyuk, it rhymes with "see no evil!"

So, yeah, the Pinot Evil was a disappointing pick. It was around $10, I think (like most of my purchases), and comes from France. The label claims it's a guilty pleasure, but I won't be buying another bottle any time soon. There's just not much to it. It's not complex, in fact, it's kind of like a flat Coke. It's still Coke, but it's not as much fun. There is virtually no aftertaste, and when you swoosh it around in your mouth, nothing blooms or expands like in a lot of good wines.

To tell you the truth, it tastes like a cheap Sutter Home $4 wine to me, and that would be the only price I'd be willing to pay for it again. Because it's boring. Not bad, mind you, but so much more boring than tons of other stuff to get for the price.

So the Twin Fin wins this round, even though I'll be heading back to the wine cellar tiny-ass kitchen to get another glass of Pinot Evil.

What? It's Friday night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a pinot noir at John's Pier with my folks that tasted like it had been watered down and aged, uncorked, in a refrigerator full of mackerel for three weeks. I wish I could remember the name so I could warn you against it.

9/20/2006 5:50 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

That sounds fascinatingly disgusting. Think John's Pier may have accidentally left it uncorked, sitting in the mackerel waste sink for a while?

9/24/2006 11:55 PM  

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