Sunday, November 19, 2006

Women and wine

My very first Wineography link dump! Someone take a screenshot!

Art and wine: The South Okanagan (that's way up in British Columbia) Women in Need Society has joined up with Therapy Vineyards for a fund-raiser in which local artists are called to submit artwork that will appear on an upcoming new wine made especially for the fund-raiser. Five dollars from each bottle sold will go to the fund-raising effort. Full story.

Ith a lady!*: As the traditionally male-dominated field of the sommelier sees more and more female wine experts, women sommeliers find that their clients sometimes are surprised and even angered by their lack of a penis, as if a penis is required for proper tastebud function. Full story.

Against the odds: Chilean Maria Luz Marin faced immense skepticism from everyone around her when she decided to become a winemaker. In a rare dream-come-true story, she has defied everyone's expectations and is now one of the world's most renowned and innovative winemakers. Full story.

*I heart Tim Meadows.


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