Monday, October 23, 2006

Local wine

Last night I hung out with my friend and co-worker Ashley at her and her husband's apartment in Cordova. We'd spent the evening working our way through the Jones Orchard corn maze, and by the time we got out we were parched and Ashley was all, "Let's get drunk!" and who am I to argue with such a pure sentiment?

She and her husband, JD, had recently made a trip up to the Old Millington Winery, a small outfit about 20 minutes north of Memphis. Old Millington specializes in sweet wines. Ashley and JD brought back several bottles of the winery's offerings, including blackberry, muscadine, peach, and Delta red.

I had a glass of the peach first. Normally I don't care for peach-flavored spirits, but this peach wine was more tart than sweet. It was very light and crisp and not at all sulfury or sour.

Next was a glass — okay, a couple of glasses — of the blackberry, which was also sweet and tart, and a bit like grape juice. According to Old Millington's website, blackberry is one of the most popular of their offerings. I can definitely see why; it's just downright pleasant to drink.

At about $10 a bottle, Old Millington's selections are a good value. I'm gonna do my best to get up there soon and support Tennessee wine country.


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