Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gourmet dinner

Never underestimate the ability of a good wine to make a mediocre late-night dinner of fast-food leftovers even better.

Case in point: Reheated KFC — extra crispy (though when reheated this usually translates to extra soggy) — with macaroni and cheese and a biscuit.

With Rex Goliath 2004 Pinot Noir (my favorite wine), this paltry excuse for a meal can become something homey and welcoming and savory.

As for the Rex itself, there is a meatiness and a spice to it (not too much spice, though) that many other Pinot Noir varieties lack. And, while it is a savory wine, it's not the kind of wine that takes center stage when it needs to be more of an accent. It's versatile and I imagine would work equally as well when paired with a rack of lamb.

The coloration is like stained glass — a dark cranberry color except around the edges, where there's more of a ruby sheen. And the scent? Subtle yet lush.

And the label? Brilliant.

If you've got $10 to spare, find a bottle of this stuff, grab some genetically engineered chicken breasts, and kick back and bask in the supreme awesomeness.


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