Sunday, September 24, 2006

Relax — DO do it!

That title pretty much wrote itself. I was almost hoping that the Relax was going to suck so I could use the more obvious "Relax — don't do it" variation of everyone's favorite Frankie Goes to Hollywood song, but this wine is actually excellent and I need to tell you all about it and spread the Good News.

I'm more of a reds person, but this Riesling is something I could enjoy any time, day or night, with food or without. The bottle is gorgeous — it's this silky translucent blue that resembles a Swedish vodka bottle more than a wine bottle. The label design is minimalist — it's German — and commands you, simply, to relax. Because you are a dumb American who gets freaked out by foreign words on wine bottles because you don't know what they mean and what's in the bottle and oh my god the room is spinning and something just brushed my leg and won't someone please tell me what kind of wine this is?!?!!?

No, just relax and buy the pretty blue bottle and stick it in the fridge overnight and the next night crack it open and inhale and find your inner child and let her have a sip because this wine tastes like juice! Like apples and peaches and a little bit of greenery and even some citrus. It's light and crisp, like a super cold 7-Up, and I can just imagine quaffing this on a picnic blanket on some warm grassy knoll somewhere, and then lying back and falling asleep, my breath smelling of fruit and sandwiches.


Blogger ha said...

Who said great wine had to be complicated? - Not me, so much for sure. :o)

Relax - Do it ... also I am not asked for it.
Relax - Do it ... answer her what wine it is.

A white wine perfectly suited to the American market. No complicated labels to understand. No difficult foreign names to pronounce. No geography quiz.

Fruity, clean, easy to get along with. Sophisticated enough for the toughest critic, priced and packaged for people who'd rather enjoy wine than study it.

Relax. It's the white wine people have been searching for.

Relax Riesling is fermented slightly dry with a wonderful fruity bouquet and intense flavors of apples and peaches with just a hint of citrus. The natural acidity gives this wine a perfect balance that is refreshingly crisp and leaves your mouth watering. A perfect party wine, or can be enjoyed with a variety of foods from seafood and poultry to oriental foods and fresh salads. Serve chilled.

Alcohol: 8,5 - 9,5 % by Vol.
Total acidity: 7,5 - 8,5 gr./Ltr.
Resudual Sugar: 38,0 - 40,0 gr./Ltr.
Varietal: RIESLING

So far the original words by the producer ... or his marketing specialist - who maybe should be fired for this.
But ... maybe the producer should be relaxing in a barrel of his wine ... fermented? Uiiii!

Well ... as a Frankie fan ...
HA say ... Relax
HA say ... Wine
HA say ... Shoot
HA say ... Blue
HA say ... Simple
HA say ... Life
HA say ... Well?
HA say ... no more ...

Good-bye ;o)

9/25/2006 4:55 PM  

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