Thursday, November 23, 2006

The spread

Tomorrow my family's kitchen will be ripe with the smell of baked potatoes and roasted turkey, green bean casserole and pecan pie. I can't wait, even if there's only one thing on that list I will actually eat.

Today I went to the store to select my Turkey Day spirits, and I went with an additional bottle of Fetzer Guwurtz (that's two for those of you keeping score at home), plus a bottle of Réserve Perrin for myself (no one likes the reds but me) and a bottle of Wild Bunch white, simply for the name (it applies infinitely to my family). Each of these wines cost less than $12. I'm looking forward to seeing how each pairs with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm also looking forward to seeing just how drunk I can get my family before they say uncle.



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