Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yet another link dump

You can tell I've not done much tasting lately when I dip into the wine links.

Never fear; this weekend it's going to be cold and I can't think of a better way to stay warm than to stay in drinkin'.

I totally went to the wrong school: Chaffrey College in Rancho Cucamonga is planting a vineyard on campus space, where students, presumably, will tend to the budding grapes through the process of becoming delicious Zinfandel in about four years. Full story.

Speed dating for drunks: Some singles seek solace sipping spirits surrounded (s)by strangers. Damn! Full story.

More unhealthy American tripe, apparently: British scientists have found what they feel is conclusive evidence that wines from traditional vineyards in France and Italy contain the highest amounts of the stuff thought to make wine good for you.
Full story. I can't say I care too much, though. Other scientists contend that in order to truly notice the effects of reservatrol (the chemical thought to make wine heart-healthy), you'd have to drink 100 bottles of wine a day. And who has time for that? Full story.

A fad diet worth trying: Put simply, The Wine Diet will save your life. So says this guy. Full story.


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