Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006: The year of the wino

I started getting into wine in March, if memory serves, so I had most of the year to obsess about wine to my friends and family. And you'd be amazed how much easier you become to buy for when you establish an interest in something.

So, in addition to the book I mentioned in this post and the Millington wine I mentioned here, here are the wine-related things I got for Christmas/birthday this year:

From Tamara:

• A gorgeous wine rack (photos to come, once I get some batteries for the camera) that's dark chocolate-brown wood in a Tic Tac Toe sort of layout that requires you to slide bottles horizontally into slats. It sits on the counter and makes my kitchen look about three hundred percent cooler.

• A wine glass that I have dubbed "The Queen's Goblet." It is medium-sized, with a triangular bowl, a roped glass stem, and gold accents. It's lovely, and I am the only one allowed to drink out of it. Unless, of course, Tamara visits.

From Ashley:

• Four very large LSA handblown red wine glasses. The glasses are huge. My guests and I drank out of them all weekend and we marveled at how, when you tipped them up to take a sip, your entire face was swallowed by the bowl. Very dramatic but very fragile. These four glasses plus my Queen's Goblet are the only dishes I refuse to put in the dishwasher.

Phrom Phil:

• Two Oneida wine stoppers, perfect for saving wine without getting that funky moldy cork taste.
• One Argyle Vacuum Pump, perfect for storing an opened wine a little longer than you might have originally intended. I haven't actually used this yet, because once a bottle is open, I rarely let it sit there undrunk, you know? But I know this will be awesome once I use it.

Next year I'll be rooting for some glass charms so that guests can tell their glasses apart.

What other wine-related gifts did you get, or would you like to get?


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